Grow-Finish Facilities: Feed Delivery

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Self Feeders (adjustment critical to control wastage)


Distribution (Auger/Bin and Direct from Mixer)

Auger/Bin System

inside of barn with overhead feed delivery

In this nursery and grow-finish barn, the auger (upper right corner shows the motor) pushes the food through pipes (seen overhead) and into the common feed bins (next picture). As a bin fills up, the food backs up into the pipe and travels forward to the next bin and so on through the barn.

pigs at the feederdouble-sided feeder

The common feed bin is shown in use on the left. This bin is two-sided and shared by two pens of pigs, as can be seen on the right.


Direct From Mixer

direct feeding: scooping the food for the sows

The herdsman filled a push cart (in front of him) with feed direct from the mixer and he is walking down the aisles and placing a scoop of feed in the common feed and water trough in betwen each pair of sows. Gestating sows on this farm receive 4 pounds of the feed a day.


Floor feeding works well, too.


Feeder Design, pigs/feeder space


Feeder Weights observations can allow fine-tuning


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