Farrowing Quiz Answer

Q If farrowing is weekly and sows farrow 2.2 times per year, how many sow groups will you have?

A Think about this one for a minute. You need to know how many sow groups the farm will have. There are many ways to think about this problem.

First, if farrowing is weekly, them you need 52 groups of sows farrowing to keep the facility running at maximum capacity. But, sows farrow about 2.2 times per year, which means that the sows which farrowed in the beginning of the year will be ready to farrow again in mid-year. So, you need 52/2.2 or 23.6 groups. It is inefficient to have 0.6 of a group, and you will not have space for the progeny if you have 24 groups, so the final answer is 23 groups of sows.

Copyright 1997 by the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty: Dr. Paul Pitcher
Student: Sandra Springer,'99