Animal Flow Strategies

There are two main types of animal flow strategies: all in-all out (AIAO) and continuous flow.


This room houses nursery pigs only, from 3 to 9 or 10 weeks of age. It flows strictly AIAO - the room is completely emptied between groups of pigs. Each new group of pigs arrives in a freshly disinfected environment, and stays there for the entire nursery phase. The facility has a separate room for each week's weanings, and the same number of rooms as the length of the nursery phase, in weeks.


Continuous Flow

continuous flow barn

In a continuous flow barn, young pigs (right) may be penned adjacent to older pigs (left). Note the size difference - pigs in these two pens are dissimilar ages.

This is a continuous flow nursery/finisher barn. The young pigs are in the foreground and older pigs are in the background. This barn houses 1200 pigs ranging in age from 10 to about 26 weeks of age.

The AIAO and contiuous flows may be viewed together. Use the opportunity to get a feel for the differences in the flows.


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