Lecture Slides from Course 7080 :
Physical Exam and Animal Management

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In order to get the most out of the swine lecture in course 7080, please learn the basics of swine biology presented in the biology portion of the swine production website. The point of studying the facilities walk through is to learn how to think about a physical exam of the farm itself.

The best way to know when there is a problem on a pig farm is to look at the productivity of the farm in terms of the target levels. When production targets have dropped below their action levels, management changes must be instituted to improve production.

For those of you who may be offended by this idea, think of the common cold. We cannot eradicate the common cold from humans. To spend large amounts of taxpayers' money and researchers' time on the project would potentially be a misallocation of limited resources. We live with the common cold and usually it does not cause further problems. We intervene when secondary infections take hold, or work productivity is lost. It is not economical or feasible to eradicate the sniffles. In this same way, in swine medicine, we intervene when production drops off.

On this page, you will find the actual slides from the 7080 swine lecture, not the lecture content itself. The slides are provided for review and to reduce your need to take notes in class. Instead of scrolling, you can use the number bars provided to jump through the slides.

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