Male Reproductive Pathology




Testicular DescentTesticular Descent

Tract OverviewNormal Anatomy



Normal TractsTract

Normal ScrotumScrotum & Testes

Normal PenisPenis


Tract Abnormalities

External LesionsExternal Lesions

Intersex ConditionsIntersex Conditions

Polled GoatsPolled Goats


Accessory Glands


Seminal VesiclesSeminal Vesicles

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Scrotum & Testes

Congenital AbnormalitiesCongenital Abnormalities

Developmental MishapsDevelopmental Mishaps

Enlarged Testes 1Enlarged Testes 1

Enlarged Testes 2Enlarged Testes 2

Enlarged Testes 3Enlarged Testes 3

Shrunken TestesShrunken Testes

Trauma 1Trauma 1

Trauma 2Trauma 2

Testicular Neoplasia 1Neoplasia 1

Testicular Neoplasia 2Neoplasia 2


Penile Pathological LesionsPathological Lesions

Penile Proliferative LesionsProliferative Lesions

Penile Ulcerative LesionsUlcerative Lesions


Urethra & Prepuce

Urethral LesionsUrethral Lesions

Preputial LesionsPreputial Lesions


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