Female Reproductive Pathology








Uterine InvolutionUterine Involution


Ovary & Oviduct

Equine OvariesEquine Ovary

Bovine OvariesBovine Ovary

Oviduct Oviduct

Large OvariesLarge Ovaries

Small OvariesSmall Ovaries



Equine UterusEquine Uterus

Bovine UterusBovine Uterus

Endometrium & Biopsy & HistologyEquine Endometrium

Fluid in Equine Genital TractFluid in Equine Genital Tract

Fluid in Bovine genital tractFluid in Bovine Genital Tract

Uterine NeoplasiaNeoplasia

Abnormal Pregnant UterusAbnormal Pregnant Uterus

Spunky--The wise and wonderful

Spunky welcomes you to the female portion of our site.  (Don't forget that she is the all-knowing bovine!!)

    Using this page you can link to any part of the Female Reproductive Pathology section.   You will also be able to return here from any portion of this site.  If you are not certain where a particular lesion would be shown please access the search engine, using the search button provided on every page.  If you wish to view a differential list for a specific lesion please access the index of differentials, using the index button provided on every page. 


Cervical DiagramsDiagrams

Congenital AbnormalitiesCongenital Abnormalities

Acquired AbnormalitiesAcquired Cervical Abnormalities


Vagina & Vestibule

Vaginal & Vestibular Abnormalities--Equine & BovineEquine & Bovine


Vulva & Perineum

Equine Vulvar & Perineal AbnormalitiesEquine

Bovine Vulvar & Perineal AbnormalitiesBovine

Fetal Membranes

Equine Fetal MembranesEquine

Bovine Fetal MembranesBovine


Fetal Abnormalities

Equine Fetal AbnormalitiesEquine

Bovine Fetal AbnormalitiesBovine



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