Index of Differentials

Spunky--The wise and wonderful

If on palpation you identify:

Enlarged Scrotum

Hernia -- Hematoma -- Neoplasia -- Abcess -- Inflammation -- Hydrocele -- Hematocele

Shrunken Scrotum

Cryptorchid -- Hypoplasia -- Atrophy

Enlarged Ovaries

Ovarian cysts -- Granulosa Cell Tumor/Neoplasia -- Follicle -- Cystic Ovarian Disease -- Bursal Disease -- Epoophoron Cyst -- Luteal Cyst -- Abcess -- Hematoma -- Physiologic

Shrunken Ovaries

Hypoplasia -- Atrophy

Enlarged uterus

Pregnancy -- Metritis -- Endometritis -- Hydrometras -- Pyometra -- Mucometra -- Neoplasm -- Obstruction

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