American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP)


NetVet's Poultry/Bird Page'

Link to Net Vet


Oklahoma State University's Poultry Breeds Page


Link to N.C. State University Poultry Health Management


Poultry Science Association

Link to Poultry Science Association


Animal Industry Foundation Link



  UC Poultry Page Link


University of California Extension program page. Contains information about poultry science and the poultry industry.


Link to

Provides world and local weather
reports as well as information on
farming and the current marketability
of farm products



California Poultry Industry Federation Link

Covers food safety, legislative issues, 
nutrient management and other issues.


National Chicken Council Link,
contains organization description


National Chicken Council Link

Covers Chicken Recipes,
and safe food handling.


American Egg Board Link
Everything you wanted to 
know about eggs.


The following are the 
California Egg Commisions sites.
They contain information about eggs as 
well as some fun stuff about eggs.


Dekalb Poultry Research Inc. is a major breeder 
of White Leghorn and brown egg laying stocks.
Website contains managment guides, specification 
sheets and weekly egg price and cost 
production publication with graph.

Dekalb Poultry Link


Hyline International is a major breeder of White Leghorn 
and brown egg laying stocks. Website contains management 
guides technical bulletins, company newsletter, and E-mail 
connections to the technical staff.

Link to Hyline International


Link to Avian Farms Website

Avian Farms is a major breeder of broiler parent stock.
Website contains broiler management guides, technical literature and
a "walk-through" with pictures through their
Research and Development processes.


Ross Breeders is a world-wide breeder of broiler parent stock.
Website contains management guides with specification sheets,
 technical reports, and World-wide/U.S. sections

Link to Ross Breeders Website


Georgia Tech Poultry Website.  Lots of Links
 and covers 26 basic topics.

Link to Georgia Tech Website


Poultry site from Purdue University.
Site contains more than 500 publications on poultry with information for both hobby farmers and commercial growers.


Texas A & M
Poultry Web Site


North Carolina State University
Poultry Web Site


Pennsylvania State 
Poultry Website


University of Arkansas
Poultry Page


World's Poultry Science Association
Made up of more than 60 countries they publish
a journal and host numerous scientific and industry seminars including one international conference every four years.


Watt Publishing Co.
Commercial supplier contacts


Poultry Health Page - University of California Veterinary Medicine, covers poultry health subjects.


The Coop - general poultry, small flocks, poultry shows, breeds, other avian species and poultry clubs.


USDA PHIS site for NAHMS study of the US egg industry.


North Carolina State University Food Science Department|, Poultry Food Safety Website.


USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service


USDA's National Food Safety Database Project
contains info on Consumer related food safety, Industry related food safety, Educator related resources, Meetings, conferences and workshops.



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