Purpose: To identify certain viruses (antigens*) that hemagglutinate chicken RBCs (e.g. NDV or Avian Influenza)


  1. Allantoic cavity fluid (possibly containing virus) from an embryonating chicken egg that had been inoculated with suspect material is removed.

  2. 0.1 ml of this fluid is placed on a glass plate and 0.1 ml of a 5.0% suspension of chicken RBC's is added.

  3. If a hemagglutinating agent is present, the RBCs will clump.

*Note - This is not a serological test. While it is used as the basis for the Hemagglutination inhibition test. It detects antigen not antibody.





Purpose Identify a virus that hemagglutinates RBCs (NDV, Influenza) Quantitate serum antibody to a specific pathogen
(e.g. NDV, Influenza and Mycoplasma)
Antibodies will inhibit hemagglutination


  1. Allantoic cavity fluid from embryonating chicken eggs inoculated with suspect material
  2. Chicken RBCs
  1. A known hemagglutination agent
  2. Test serum - unknown antibody
  3. Chicken RBCs


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