Most broiler birds will be vaccinated for Marek's Disease and Newcastle/Bronchitis. Age of vaccination for NDV or IBV will vary. Other vaccines such as IBD and LT are used in some but not all poultry operations.

AGE (days)

1 Marek's Disease Subcutaneous back of neck
7-10 Coccivax (not all producers use) Spray on feed
9-14 Newcastle-Bronchitis Drinking water, eye drop or spray

Age (weeks)

4 Newcastle-Bronchitis Drinking water or spray
8 Laryngotracheitis Eye Drop
-- Fowl Pox - AE Wing web stab
10 Inf. Bursal Disease Drinking water
13-15 Newcastle-Bronchitis Drinking water or spray
-- AE Drinking water
-- Cholera (killed) Injected IM
16 Laryngotracheitis Spray or eye drop
18 Inactivated IBD, NDV, IBV, REO & Cholera Injected IM
(Post Housing) Newcastle or Newcastle-Bronchitis Every 3 months in some operations Spray or drinking water


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