Cardiac Cases

At the end of each case you will be asked to specify your differential diagnosis, further diagnostics, and drug choice. Directions will be provided on how to print a case worksheet to include these items so that you may bring them to class for comparison to the clinician's diagnosis. Links to the Clinical Pharmacology Drug Monograph Service, FDA Approved Animal Drug Data Base, and VHUP Formulary are provided so that you may investigate possible drug choices:

PLEASE NOTE: The following cases contain many large images, most in the range of 30-50k. We recommend use of the computers in the School's computer laboratory. Working from home may be frustrating unless your system can handle this type of load efficiently and has a large monitor.

Case 1: "Sage"
Dyspneic Doberman in emergency presentation.
Case 2: "Spider"
Coughing and lethargic Cocker Spaniel.
Case 3: "Mesha"
Dyspneic and lethargic Domestic Long Hair.
Case 4: "Jougular"
Doberman with episode of weakness.
Case 5: "Matilda"
Lethargic Bulldog with poor appetite.

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