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Lab 9 Appendix: Small Animal Parasite Review - Wildlife

Parasite Location in Host Diagnostic Stage Lab Specimen
Baylisascaris procyonis small intestine eggs in feces  
Giardia spp. small intestine cyst in feces  
Cryptosporidium spp. small intestine oocyst in feces SSB 97
Eimeria spp. or Isospora spp. small intestine or liver oocyst in feces  
Xenopsylla cheopis skin adults on skin SSB 76
Cheyletiella parasitivorax skin   adults on skin  
Ixodes sp. skin adults on skin  
Cuterebra spp. skin larva under skin  
Dermacentor variabilis skin stages on skin SSB 96
Trichinella spiralis muscle larva in biopsy SSB 38

Quiz Questions:

  1. A routine fecal exam of a young pet raccoon's feces, revealed an object similar to the one in the image below.  It measures about 70 Ám.
    1. Identify the parasite.
    2. Is there any zoonotic concern with this parasite (if so what disease does it cause in humans)?
  2. Click here for the answer:



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