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Lab 12 Appendix: Large Animal Parasite Review - Sheep and Goats

Parasite Location in Host Diagnostic Stage Lab Specimen+
*Paramphistomum rumen eggs in feces  
*Haemonchus abomasum egg in feces SSB 28
*Ostertagia abomasum egg in feces  
*Trichostrongylus abomasum or sm. int. egg in feces  
*Cooperia sm. intestine egg in feces  
*Nematodirus sm. intestine egg in feces  
*Bunostomum sm. intestine egg in feces  
*Cryptosporidium sm. intestine oocysts in feces SSB 97
*Giardia sm. intestine cyst in feces  
*Strongyloides sm. intestine larvated eggs in feces B 49
*Moniezia sm. intestine eggs in feces B 37, SSB 7
*Eimeria lg. intestine oocysts in feces  
*Trichuris lg. intestine eggs in feces  
*Dictyocaulus lungs larvae in feces  
Muellerius lungs larvae in feces SSB 31
*Echinococcus liver and others none  
*Dicrocoelium bile ducts eggs in feces SSB 16, 17
*Fasciola bile ducts eggs in feces B 11, SSB 12, 13
Oestrus nasal cavities none  
Melophagus skin adult on skin SSB 68
*Hypoderma dermis of back larva in skin  
*Psoroptes skin adults on skin SSB 88
*Chorioptes skin adults on skin  
*Damalinia skin adults on skin or hair SSB 80, 81
*Sarcoptes skin adults in skin scrape  
*Trypanosoma blood trypanosome in blood smear SSB 39
*Taenia muscle none  
*Sarcocystis muscle none SSB 50

* Also in other hosts.

+ B = Bottle; SSB = Student Slide Box slide #

Quiz Questions:

  1. A local farmer complains that he has some sheep whose wool is coming off in tags. You examine the sheep and find the mite shown at the right. (Top = 10X objective, Bottom = 40X objective)
    1. To what family does this mite belong?
    2. Did you have to do a deep skin scraping to recover this mite?


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