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Lab 9 Appendix: Small Animal Parasite Review - Poultry

Parasite Location in Host Diagnostic Stage Lab Specimen+
Capillaria sp. esophagus, sm. intestine eggs in feces B 61
Ascaridia galli small intestine eggs in feces  
Eimeria sp. small intestine oocysts in feces SSB 47, B 30
Giardia sp. small intestine cyst in feces  
Cryptosporidium sp. small intestine oocysts in feces SSB 97
Heterakis gallinarum cecum eggs in feces  
Syngamus trachea trachea eggs in feces  
Echidnophaga gallinacea skin adults on skin  
Ornithonyssus sylviarum skin adults on skin  
Dermanyssus gallinae skin adults in skin SSB 91
Columbicola columbae skin adults in skin SSB 85
Argas persicus skin adults on skin  
Knemidocoptes sp. skin of legs adults in skin scrape  
Menopon gallinae feathers adults on feathers SSB 84
Leucocytozoon smithi blood cells gametocytes in blood smear  
Haemoproteus columbae red blood cells gametocytes in blood smear SSB 52

+ "B" = Slide on center bench, "SSB"= Student Slide Box Slide

Quiz Questions:

  1. Upon examining the feces (using the ZnSO4 flotation method) of a "free range" chicken from a local flock you find the object below. It measures about 50 X 25 Ám.
    1. Identify the parasite to genus.
    2. Is this parasite zoonotic (and if so what disease does it cause in humans)?

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