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This site  is designed to aid in the learning of equine nuclear medicine, also known as scintigraphy.  The user is given the option to test their skills by selecting the CASE STUDIES button to view images without the diagnosis immediately visible. 

Clicking the ABNORMAL button will display an index of pathologies and specific anatomic structures for random browsing.

All of the cases presented are equine bone scans.  This department routinely administers 200mCi of Tc99m HDP intravenously.  200mg of furosemide is given intravenously 1 hour prior to imaging to ensure an empty bladder. This helps avoid pelvic artifacts and expedites clearance of circulating isotope in soft tissue increasing the target to background ratio. Bone imaging typically begins 2-4 hours post injection of the isotope.  See PROTOCOLS for more information.





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