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The arrows mark the area of a chronic articular  proximal medial plantar fracture of the second phalanx. Note also the abnormal uptake in the dorsolateral aspect of the third phalanx. Both areas were significant in the prognosis.

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This six year old TBX filly was found in the field non-weight bearing 2 weeks prior to admission. Upon examination she was 4 of 5 degrees lame in  the left hind at a trot in hand. A low plantar nerve block alleviated the lameness to 3 degrees. Radiographs of the pastern revealed an old medial proximal plantar fracture of the second phalanx.   The fracture line appeared old with healing callous present indicating a chronic articular fracture that may have been re-injured recently.  In addition, elective nuclear scintigraphy revealed marked increased radioisotope uptake in the previously mentioned area as well as a focal area  of uptake along the dorsal lateral aspect of the third phalanx. The owner did not pursue the recommendation for further radiographs.




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