Laboratory 13 : Tract Systems II
  Vomeronasal Tract

Vomeronasal Tract

It is important to note that:

  • The vomeronasal organ is involved in pheromone detection. Information follows a somewhat different pathway than olfactory information.


Slide 97 : Telencephalon

  • Axons from receptor cells synapse in accessory olfactory bulb (AOB)

Slide 90 : Telencephalon

  • Axons from AOB pass down olfactory tract

Slide 70 : Diencephalon

  • Axons pass through piriform lobe and synapse in amygdala
  • Some axons pass to bed nucleus of stria terminalis
  • Other axons pass to preoptic area
  • Collaterals pass from BNST to POA

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