Laboratory 13 : Tract Systems II
  Gustatory (Taste) Tract

Gustatory (Taste) Tract

It is important to note that:

  • axons from rostral tongue first follow lingual branch of CN V, then switch to CN VII via corda tympani and enter brain with CN VII. Transmission is ipsilateral.


Slide 91 : Telencephalon

  • Fibers end in coronal gyrus (insular cortex)
  • This region integrates taste and smell to create perception of flavor.

Slide 75 : Telencephalon

  • Other PBM collaterals synapse in amygdala affective part of taste ("yummy!")

Slide 64 : Midbrain-Diencephalon

  • PBM collaterals to limbic system synapse in hypothalamus physiological controls

Slide 62 : Diencephalon

  • PBM axons synapse in VPMpc; VPMpc axons project via cerebral peduncles & internal capsule to insular cortex

Slide 38 : Rostral Medulla-Pons

  • In rats, NTS axons synapse in medial parabrachial nucleus (PBM); no synapse here in primates

Slide 26 : Middle Medulla Oblongata

  • SA axons from taste buds enter via CN VII, IX, X toSolitary Tract (TS). Axons synapse in gustatory area of Solitary Tract Nucleus (NTS). NTS axons pass rostrally via medial lemniscus (in many species)

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