Laboratory 13 : Tract Systems II
  Olfactory Tract

Olfactory Tract

It is important to note that:

  • Olfactory receptor cells replaced every 30 days. Info travels to diencephalon via olfactory tracts. First to prepiriform cortex (olfactory discrimination), then can take 3 paths: to telencephalon, to hippocampus, and to amygdala. Dominantly ipsilateral.


Slide 103 : Telencephalon

  • Input from receptor cells enters olfactory bulbs (olfactory tracts)

Slide 90 : Telencephalon

  • Sensory input via olfactory tract to prepiriform cortex (few cross at AC)
  • Axons from MD go to cerebral cortex (coronal gyrus)

Slide 70 : Diencephalon

  • Collateralsfrom SA input (OB axons) goto amygdale (A) & to piriform cortex (PC)
  • Impulses from mediodorsal nucleus (MD) pass rostrally toward cortex

Slide 64 : Midbrain & Diencephalon

  • Axons from PC synapse in MD
  • MD axons go to orbitofrontal cortex (perception of smell)
  • SA input continues to entorhinal cortex

Slide 49 : Midbrain - Diencephalon

  • Entorhinal cortex sends info to hippocampus (with amygdala = limbic pathway; affective component of olfaction)

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