Laboratory 13 : Tract Systems II
  Auditory Tract

Auditory Tract

It is important to note that:

  • Information from receptor cells in cochlea distributed bilaterally; most goes to contralateral side


Slide 62 : Diencephalon

  • Axons of auditory radiation terminate in primary auditory cortex in the superior temporal gyrus (temporal lobe)

Slide 51 : Midbrain & Diencephalon

  • Axons from BIC synapse in MGN
  • Axons from MGN enter internal capsule as the auditory radiation

Slide 47 : Pons & Midbrain

  • Axons continue rostrally through brachium of caudal colliculus (BIC)
Slide 43 :

  • Axons from LL synapse in caudal colliculus (IC)
  • Axons from IC pass rostrally through BIC toward medial geniculate nucleus (MGN)

Slide 34 : Rostral Medulla

  • SA axons from cochlea enter via CNVIII, go to cochlear nuclei
  • Some fibers decussate in tegmentum, others in trapezoid body
  • Info carried rostrally in lateral lemniscus (LL)

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