Laboratory 12 : Tract Systems I
  Somatomotor System : Pontine and Medullary Reticulospinal Tracts

Pontine (Medial) and Medullary (Lateral) Reticulospinal Tracts

It is important to note that:

  • The MEDIAL Reticulospinal Tract is somatomotor, and part of the ventromedial group.
    • This means it controls axial and proximal muscles to maintain posture.
  • The MEDIAL Reticulospinal Tract does not decussate.


Slide 40 : Pons & Midbrain

  • Pontine (Medial) Reticulospinal Tract begins in reticular formation of pons and remains ipsilateral.

Slide 24 : Middle Medulla Oblongata

  • Pontine (Medial) Reticulospinal Tract continues through reticular formation.

Slide 6 : C7

  • Axons pass in dorsal and medial parts of ventral funiculus.
  • Axons synapse on laminae VII and VIII.

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