Laboratory 11 : Cerebellum and Cerebellar Tracts
  Cuneocerebellar Tract

Cuneocerebellar Tract
Cerebellar input from the spinal cord (from the rostral half of the body, excepting the head).
Originates within rostral trunk and forelimbs.


Slide 31 : Rostral Medulla Oblongata

Axons enter the verticle part of inferior cerebellar peduncle and give off a collateral to deep cerebellar nuclei with the parent axon synapsing in the granule cell layer. Along the way, it sends collaterals to the interpositus and fastigial nuclei.

Slide 26 : Middle Medulla Oblongata

At the level of the middle medulla oblongata, the axons enter the inferior cerebellar peduncle.

Slide 24 : Middle Medulla Oblongata

The axons are ascending throught the DSCT.

Slide 16 : Middle Medulla Oblongata

The axons ascend the dorsal funiculus and synapse within the accessory cuneate nucleus. Accessory cuneate neurons then continue the tract.

Slide 7 : Sixth Cervical Spinal Cord Segment

Proprioceptors and exteroceptors from the neck, forelimbs and upper trunk enter the spinal cord and collateral pass into the dorsal funiculus of cervical cord segments.

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