Nuclear Medicine





Nuclear Medicine

Soft tissue scintigraphic images revealed early bone uptake in the navicular bone in the right front limb.
There was mild pooling of radiopharmaceutical in the medial aspect of the right front foot.
Mild pooling of radiopharmaceutical also occured in the left front tendon sheath where ultrasound had revealed chronic changes associated with the tendon sheath, but no abnormalities with the flexor tendons themselves. Mouse over the image to view the pathologic hotspot.


In the bone phase images, mild increased radiopharmaceutical uptake could be seen involving the right front navicular bone. In the right front limb, focal moderate increased uptake could be seen in both the lateral and solar images in the navicular bone. Mild increased uptake was also seen involving the medial aspect of the distal phalanx ( in the dorsal scintigrapgic view) and in the palmar aspect of the proximal interphalangeal joint. Mouse over the image to view the pathologic hotspot.

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Faculty: Dr. Alexia McKnight
Student:Charles Bradley 2009