American Association of Equine Practioners
The world's largest professional association of equine veterinarians.

Kansas State University; Department of Radiology
A helpful site for radiography and interesting case studies

Equine Distal Limb Gross Anatomy
Cross sectional anatomy of the equine distal limb

International Veterinary Information Services (IVIS)
Searchable databases of journals and literature on all fields related to Veterinary medicine.

An Interactive Guide to the Study of Horse Transverse Sections
Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences' comparative anatomy guide

Equine Podiatry
An extensive look at the hoof by Northern Virginia Equine with cases, how too's, and general information

Veterinary Thermography
An interesting imaging modality that utilizes heat signals. Vet-Therm has specialized sites for both horses and small animals






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