With the growing popularity of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the veterinary community this site has been designed to give the user a general understanding of what MRI is and what it has to offer.

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The MRI at NBC Page goes into a brief description of the physics of MRI, its benefits, and some of its historical clinical applications.

The Anatomy Section of this site will take the user through six sections of the horse limb, starting with the carpus and traveling distally. Each section shows the cross-sectional anatomy of that region in three orthoganol planes. One may view the region to get a general understanding of how various structures merge, divide, and cohabitate in a three dimensional perspective, or study the detail of a cross section to see all of the anatomical structures present. With its surgical and pathological releavance one would do well to take his or her time in examining this portion of the site.

The importance of MRI comes to bear weight with pathology. Often being the only imaging modality that can bring a finite conclusion to a case, this diagnostic tool has become extremely valuable when others have failed to satisfy clinicians. The risks of general anesthesia and expense ofthen leave this as a last resort however. In the Pathology Section are presented cases from the New Bolton Center in which MRI has proven extremely fruitful in determining a case, or brought about conclusions that may have been missed otherwise.

Due to the image-heavy nature of this site smaller, medium-resolution images have been utilized in the anatomy and pathology sections. On the Library Page one may view representative images from the different anatomical regions in a large, high-resolution format. This page is ideal for any images one may be interested in downloading or printing as they will offer the greatest amount of detail and clarity.

The Links Page contains links which may prove interesting or helpful to the user. Most topics focus on equine medicine, medical imaging, and specifically MRI-related websites.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a field steeped in jargon which can make it difficult for an individual to comprehend what is being examined, and how that exam is being achieved. The Terminology Page of this site provides basic definitions to give a fundamental understanding of MR.

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