Strongylus vulgaris - pathogenesis

The image shows an arteriographic picture of the mesenteric arterial system of a foal 30 days after oral infection with 50 third stage larvae of Strongylus vulgaris. At this stage most of the larvae will have reached the cranial mesenteric artery and the image shows some of the early effects of their migratory pathway.

The ventral colic (vc) branch of the ileo-ceco-colic artery (icc) is blocked by thrombi since only a small portion is visible from contrast material that has perfused via anastomoses with the dorsal colic artery (dc) artery. The medial cecal artery (m) is also blocked along most of its length. Most other arteries branching off the abdominal aorta (a) are dilated and irregular in their outline because of inflammation and the presence of mural thrombi.

Other labels:
c - celiac artery, s = splenic artery
h = hepatic artery, g = gastric artery
cm = cranial mesenteric artery
pm = posterior (caudal) mesenteric artery
l = lateral cecal artery

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