Equine Case Studies

Case 1 - Kit

Case 4
Case 2 - Armbro Obvious

Case 5

Case 3 - Quinn Case 6

    The Case studies are set up in a way that allows the user to move freely throughout the case, although it is suggested that you move through the case beginning with the History and ending with the Treatment.  It is important to note that not all diagnostic examination procedures will be available to you from the diagnostics menu.  This is because outside of the university setting you may not have access to many diagnostic tests.  You will, however, be able to access an additional diagnostics page after making the correct diagnosis which should help to reinforce your diagnosis.

Downlaod Quicktime The following pages contain quick time movies, the average movie size is 350 kb.  If you are unable to view these movies, please follow this link and download a current version of QuickTime.

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