Navicular Bone

Types of Radiographic Changes Involving the Navicular Bone

Figures 23 through 39 illustrate various radiographic changes involving the navicular bone. Certain of these are not significant, while others are extremely important. Each illustration is accompanied by a description of the types of changes present in the navicular bone. I will attempt to describe the types of radiographic changes that I consider significant and indicative of a serious disease process that is or could be debilitating. The anatomic areas under discussion will be the medial and lateral wings, the distal border, and the central portion of the navicular bone.

Two types of radiographic changes indicative of degenerative joint disease may be observed in the navicular bone: osteolytic (destructive) bone changes and proliferative (productive) bone changes. Osteolytic changes usually are confined to the distal border but sometimes involve the wing region of the navicular bone. Proliferative bone changes are almost exclusively confined to the wings of the navicular bone.