Osseous Cyst-Like Lesions in the Third Phalanx


Figures 19, 20, 21, and 22 illustrate various types of osseous cyst-like lesions in the third phalanx. I use the term "osseous cyst-like lesion" to denote the general radiographic appearance of these defects, recognizing that the causes are varied and, in some instances, unknown. In Figure 19, the radiolucent or osseous cyst-like lesion is located along the distal most aspect of the third phalanx. There is the appearance of a sclerotic border around the lesion. This could very well be radiographic evidence of an old infection in the third phalanx, which is currently inactive and of no clinical significance. Without knowing the history or having the opportunity to explore the region, it is impossible to determine the etiologic cause of this third phalangeal defect.