Other Related Lesions

In Figure 5, adjacent to the ossified collateral cartilage, there is a radiodensity in the area of the wing of the navicular bone. This is probably ossification of the suspensory apparatus of the navicular bone or a bone spur forming on the wing of the navicular bone. This is a serious abnormality in the navicular bone and would influence my opinion with regard to the future soundness of this horse. The ossified collateral cartilage draws attention to this area of the foot, but one should be careful to evaluate not only the ossified collateral cartilage but also the appearance of the navicular bone. The ossified collateral cartilage is a signal of possible local disease in the foot, and the examiner should look for evidence of a more serious problem such as a degenerative process involving the navicular bone, which may accompany collateral cartilage ossification in a small percentage of cases.

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