About the Pre Purchase Exam


When a veterinarian agrees to perform a purchase examination, he or she is not obligated to include radiography as a part of that examination. The veterinarian's only obligation is to indicate that the buyer has the right to decide whether radiographs should be a part of the purchase examination. If the buyer requests radiographs, then the veterinarian must indicate whether he or she will be able to take them, or must refer the client to another veterinarian.

If the veterinarian performing the purchase examination does include the radiographic examination as a part of the procedure, it is the veterinarian's responsibility to obtain an adequate number of technically acceptable films of the areas to be examined. In addition, the radiographs obtained should be properly identified with the date, the person or hospital performing the radiographic examination, the owner's name, the horse's name, and the area radiographed.

The procedure used to identify the radiographs should be one in which there can be no doubt that the radiographs are of the area and of the specific individual examined. This means that photographic or other permanent identification must be applied to the radiographs at the time they are taken. It is not considered adequate by the courts of law to identify films with a wax marker after exposure and development, because of the potential for mismarking.