The Tarsus (Hock)

Miscellaneous Conditions of the Hock

Figure 78 demonstrates an unusual condition that is rarely seen. It is fusion of the tarsal bones and is considered a congenital aberration. Along with fusion of the tarsal bones, there is also frequently fusion of the carpal bones. This sort of congenital anomaly would be of concern when considering the horse's future soundness.
Figure 78. Radiograph of the tarsus demonstrating congenital fusion of some of the tarsal bones.

Many different kinds of fractures can occur in the tarsus. Figure 79 demonstrates a fracture of the distal aspect of the lateral malleolus of the tibia. There is some displacement of the fracture segment of bone. The edges of the fragment are quite sharp and should not be confused with an OCD type lesion. The clinical history will assist the veterinarian in differentiating it from an OCD type lesion.
Figure 79. Displaced fracture of the lateral malleolus of the distal end of the tibia.

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