Miscellaneous Conditions

Radioopacities in Soft Tissue

Figures 49 and 50 illustrate the presence of various types of radiopaque material present in the soft tissue. Figure 49 illustrates multiple radon seeds along the caudal aspects of the metacarpus. These were noted as incidental radiographic findings during a purchase examination, but are certainly indicative of treatment for a rather extensive previous problem. It becomes rather difficult to assess their influence on future soundness without having a complete history of the horse's previous problems and present condition. However, I would be somewhat pessimistic about the horse's future because of the number of radon seeds present in the leg.

Figure 50 shows evidence of multiple shotgun pellets in the soft tissue. This animal was absolutely sound, although it had not been in work. One must be concerned with these objects in the leg, but it is impossible to predict their effect on future soundness. Certainly there are horses and dogs with numerous pellets in them that perform satisfactorily.