Navigational Help

Navigating through this program will hopefully be a pleasant experience. It was designed so that a user could immediately log on and begin to navigate, without any prior knowledge of the Hypertext Language.

For those with little or no computer experience, or for those that wish to understand the navigation of this program before using it, please read the following set of instructions and helpful hints.

  1. One general comment about navigation is that the words or images outlined in blue are "clickable" areas that have not yet been visited. This is in contrast with purple words or outlined images which are "clickable", but have already been looked at by the user.
  2. To navigate through the "Radiography and the Equine Purchase Exam" section of this program, go into the first topic "About the Pre Purchase Exam" and enter the first sub-heading, "Introduction". From here, after reading and exploring a sub-heading, click on "NEXT" to take you to the sub-heading that follows. Clicking on "NEXT" after the last sub-heading of a topic will take you to the next topic. From here, you can choose the first sub-heading listed, and proceed as above.
  3. When you wish to look at an enlarged radiograph that is referenced in the text, simply click on the thumbnail for that figure. This will bring you to a full size image of that radiograph, with the text for that image repeated.
  4. From the full size image, you may reveal the exact location of the abnormality mentioned by clicking on "REVEAL". This will bring up the radiograph with the abnormality circled. Again, the text for the image will be repeated.
  5. To return to the section of text that you were reading prior to viewing the large images, simply click on the "RESUME" button. If you click this button from the image that reveals the abnormality, you will go back to the full size image, which gives you a second chance to look at the entire radiograph. From this point, clicking on the "RESUME" button will take you back to that area of text from which you came.
  6. IMPORTANT - There are a few instances during the exploration of this program that you may need to use the Browser's Back button to return to the section from which you came. They are as follows:

    • If you jump from text to an image, rather than from a thumbnail. To get back to that text, you need to use the Browser's "BACK" Button. There are very few links like this in the program, however, it is worth mentioning since it is one instance where the Browser's button may be used.
    • If you are using the Index to find a specific abnormality or radiograph. Once you get to the radiograph, in order to go back to the section of the index that you were just at, you need to use the Browser's "BACK" Button. Using the "RESUME" button here will take you to the text pertaining to that radiograph.

Copyright © 1995 - University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty: Dr. Charles F. Reid
Student: Jennifer Schneider V'97