Degenerative Joint Disease of the Interphalangeal Joints (Ringbone)

Is it Significant?

Figure 40 depicts degenerative joint changes of the distal interphalangeal articulation, a separate ossification center or old fracture of the extensor process of the third phalanx, and a suspected bone spur involving the navicular bone. The combination of the separate ossification center and degenerative joint changes (ringbone) are significant, and I would have a very pessimistic outlook on the future soundness of this horse. In reviewing proliferative changes of the cranial aspects of the second phalanx, the age of the animal and the amount of work that he has done are important considerations. As the animal ages and does more work, rather advanced periosteal proliferative changes would have to be seen on the second phalanx to be considered significant and detrimental to future soundness.

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