Case #5

Choose the nine best questions from the following list to learn about the history of the lameness:

1. How old is the horse?
2. What do you feed the horse?
3. Where was the horse when you noticed it was lame?
4. Where is the horse normally housed?
5. Have you changed bedding recently ?
6. What color is the horse?
7. Who are the sire and dam?
8. What is the duration of lameness and has it changed since first noticed?
9. What is the horse used for?
10. Has the horse received any medication or treatment in the last day or two?
11. Has the horse been treated for lameness before, and why?
12. Does the horse have any stable vices?
13. How long have you had the horse?
14. Who was the last veterinarian that treated the horse?
15. Does the horse have shoes on all four feet and when was she last shod?
16. Does the lameness improve or worsen with exercise?
17. What has been done in the form if exercise or turnout since
the lameness was noted?