This program is designed to help a student think through the steps necessary to diagnose lameness in the equine. For those individuals who are not familiar with Netscape and its keys, the back and forward keys above will bring you back and forth to various pages. The home key will bring you to University of Penn's veterinary school homepage. You will also find buttons within the lameness program. The home key with the horse icon will bring you back to the lameness home page.

Whenever you see a word in blue and underlined, placing your arrow here will change the arrow to a hand. Clicking the mouse will take you to another screen. In this program, you are most likely to see these links as multiple answers to a question. One answer is correct, the rest are not. This may not become apparent until much later, so do not think you are on the right track because you haven't hit a dead end.

There are several image maps in this program. Placing your arrow on the picture and clicking will take you to another page. The placement of your arrow will determine the page you to which you go. Be sure to check the pictures thoroughly.