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      Neck and Shoulders
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Pelvic Limb
Thoracic Limb


1. Cerebrospinal tap sites, Caprine
2. Cutaneous innervation, Ox
3. Deep structures after mandible removal, Caprine
4.Denticulate Ligaments
5. Encephalon, ventral and dorsal, Caprine
6. Encephalon, Caprine
7. Epidural anesthesia sites, Caprine
8. Eye, external, Caprine
9. Eye, deep structures, Ox
10. Eye, large ruminant
11. Eye, goat
12. Goat head, median
13. Goat mandible
14.Caprine external features
15. Caprine skull, frontal
16. Caprine skull, lateral
17. Caprine skull, ventral
18. Horn glands
19. Horns
20. Horns, Ox
21. Ox head, median
22. Ox skull, frontal
23. Ox skull, lateral
24. Ox skull, ventral
25. Paranasal sinuses, Ox
26. Parotid region, superficial
27. Parotid region
28. Parotid region, deep
29. Removal of mandible
30. Sheep head, median
31. Sheep skull, frontal
32. Sheep skull, lateral
33. Superficial structures of the goat head
34. Teeth, ox
35. Teeth, sheep and goat

Anesthesia/Surgical/Nerve Block Illustrations

1. Epidural anesthesia sites, Caprine
2.Nerve block for digital analgesia pelvic limb, Ox
3.Nerve block sites for digital analgesia, thoracic limb,Ox.
4.Nerve block, Head, Ox
5.Sites for blocking, fibular, tibial, Ox
6. Sites for blocking thoracic limb, Ox
7.Paravertebral anesthesia, Caprine
8. Cerebrospinal tap sites, Caprine
9.Nerve block for digital analgesia
10.Nerve block of the spinal cervical nerves, large rumiant
12. Shoulder sites
13. Analgesia using lateral saphanous, Bovinee
14.Digital sites, ox
15.Subsacral anasthesia sites
16.Nerve block for digital analgesia