Small Ruminant Physical Exam

The animal should be observed from a distance prior to the actual "hands on" exam.  Normally sheep and goats have an alert, attentive, and inquisitive attitude, always watching and running from the observer.  Pay particular attention to mentation, ambulation, respiratory patterns, urination and defecation behavior.  In most cases your patient will be a member of a herd or flock.  This will allow you to compare the aforementioned parameters in your patient to the other, healthy members of the herd/flock.  Prior to beginning the physical exam discuss pertinent history with the client.  Collecting a thorough and accurate history can be as valuable as the actual exam.  Once the animal is restrained and calm, follow a systematic physical exam that begins with a TPR.  Click sequentially on the numbers beginning with No. 1 to begin your physical exam.




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