Equine Lameness Exam

The lameness examination begins with the Distant Exam or visual inspection of the horse from a distance.  Walk around the horse and observe it from the front, from the side and from behind.  Note any abnormalities of conformation, the horse’s posture, gross swellings, scars and muscle atrophy or asymmetry. 

Next begin the Close Exam.  This examination combines visual inspection and palpation / manipulation.  Approach the horse from either side remembering to do the complete examination on both sides of the horse.  Start with the neck, then move up the forelimb, across the back and down the hind limb.  Click on the letters on the above horse to go through this examination.  




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New Bolton Center Field Service Department
Students:  Keith Javic - Class of 2003, C. Nikki Conroy - Class of 2003