Prepare skin as discussed previously

   1.  Elevate foot

   2.  Palpate neurovascular bundle as it courses over the abaxial
        surfaces of the proximal sesamoid bones.  

   3.  Insert needle at basisesamoid level on axial side of n-v bundle. 
        (25gx5/8) Point needle slightly abaxial and distally.  Do medial and         lateral nerves.

   4.  Attach needle to syringe.  With one hand support the hub of the    
        needle and with the other hand check for blood and then inject  
        2-3mL mepivicaine per site.

   5.  Wait 5-10 minutes, check for skin sensation, and reassess

Structures Anaesthetized

All of structures anaesthetized by PD n.block

Three phalanges

Coffin and Pastern joints

Entire corium

Entire sole

Dorsal branches of suspensory ligament

Digital extensor tendon

Distal sesamoidean ligaments

+/- Proximal sesamoid bones

+/- Palmar fetlock joint

Common Conditions Diagnosed


Ring bone

Soft tissue injuries of pastern

Occasionally block fetlock or sesamoid problems





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