Auscult the Lungs

A rebreathing bag may be used to help cause the horse to breathe more deeply when lung sounds are quiet.  Make sure to hold the bag away from the nose so that it does not block the nostrils and thereby inhibit inspiration.  Also note how well the horse tolerates this procedure and whether or not any coughing is elicited, as well as how quickly the horse recovers after the bag is removed.

Here are the caudal borders of the lung.

Compare lungs sounds in the ventral, dorsal and mid thorax. Compare sounds ausculted in the left and right thorax. Listen to the thorax while the rebreathing bad is in place. Immediately after the rebreathing bag is removed, the horse will take a deep breath which may reveal abnormal lungs sounds.   It is normal to have slightly louder lung sounds over the right side.  Normally, inspiratory sounds are louder than expiratory sounds (which may be inaudible in obese horses at rest).



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