The following slides are presented to help you examine a horse’s eye and to notice normal and abnormal features as you move from the external region of the eye and eyelids back to the retina.  These slides are presented as examples of what you might see during a routine examination of a horse’s eye not associated with a request to examine a horse for a primary problem.  Probably the most common disease of the equine cornea, i.e. equine ulcers, is not included in this series of slides, as they will be part of another teaching set and comprise a primary eye problem.  Some of the following slides are courtesy of Dr. Lionel Rubin, Dr. Gus Aguirre, Dr. Nita Irby and Dr. Corinne Sweeney.  None of these pictures should be further reproduced.  Thank you.

The Entire Eye

The Cornea

The Lens/Iris/Interior Chamber

The Vitreous

The Retina



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Students:  Keith Javic - Class of 2003, C. Nikki Conroy - Class of 2003