Stage 3 Labor

This stage includes the expulsion of fetal membranes from the mare and uterine involution.  The placenta can be tied just above the hocks so that expulsion is expediated as well as to inhibit the mare from stepping on them.  The fetal membranes are usually expelled within 3 hours of foaling.  Treatment is necessary if beyond this time the placenta is not passed in order to inhibit uterine infection as well as other complications.  The fetal membranes should be laid out onto a smooth surface in order to be able to examine them closely.  One should make sure that all membranes are present, with close attention to the tips of both horns.  Placental retention is most common in the non-gravid uterine horn since the fetal membranes in the non-gravid segment are thinner than those in the gravid horn. 





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