Breeds and Colors

Fjord Mare

Black Andalusian Stallion

Young Grey Andalusian Stallion


Andalusian Mare and Foal

Andalusian Foal

Chestnut Thoroughbred

Thoroughbred Racehorse

Dark Bay Warmblood Stallion


Bay Oldenburg Mare
(black mane and tail, legs with stockings)

Flea-bitten Grey German Holsteiner Stallion

Exotic Crosses: Donkey x Zebra Mules

Exotic Crosses:  Donkey x Zebra Mules

Exotic Cross:  Donkey x Zebra Mule

Dr. Kate Chope's German Warmblood

Standardbred:  "Monimaker", All-time Leading
Money Earning Horse

Arabian Stallion

Arabian Stallion (grey at an early age)

Arabian Stallion (shown at an older age and
demonstrates how much their coat color can
change in a few years)

Paint Quarter Horse

Red or Strawberry Roan Quarter Horse

Cleveland Bay Stallion

Welsh Cob Stallion Shown in Hand

Welsh Cob Stallion Shown in Harness

Welsh Cob Stallion Shown Under Saddle

Fresian Stallion (neck set is more upright than
other breeds, long mane and thick tail and feathered legs)

Fresian Stallion

Fresian Mare with young foal - note that
the foal is born mouse grey and will turn black

Irish Draught Stallion

Unless the horse is a true albino, all "white" horses
are called grey.  This horse would be considered grey.

Gypsy Vanner/Cob or Tinker Ponies


Miniature Mare and Foal with Weimaraner
for comparison

Miniature Horse with 1 Day Old Foal

Holstein Calf

Air Transportation of Horses:  Drs. Kristula and Smith sitting next to a pallet.

NBC truck parked on the runway next to a pallet.

Each pallet can hold 3 horses at a time.

A pallet being loaded into a freighter airplane.






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