Case 2:  Molly

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Molly is an outstanding 5-year-old Holstein cow that averages 37,000 pounds of milk and 1600 pounds of fat per lactation.  She has been classified excellent with scores of 91 and 93.  Molly is not pregnant.  The owner is concerned about Molly because 10 days ago Molly went off feed and was depressed.  Her rectal temperature was measured to be 104.4 F.  A large amount of swelling was also noticed in her brisket area.  Her owners elected to treat her with 40 ml procaine penicillin G IM, 20 ml of Flunixin meglumine IM and a magnet.  Molly continued to be febrile and after 5 days a decision was made to switch antibiotics.  She was switched to Nuflor and after 5 days of treatment she was still febrile.  Molly was then referred to your clinic for further evaluation.  Since Molly is extremely valuable, the owner has requested that a plan be used to harvest her ovaries if euthanasia is inevitable.

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