Auscult the Rumen

Listen to the rumen contractions by placing your stethoscope in the left paralumbar fossa.  Normal rumen contractions (1-3/minute) are strong, and can be felt and seen.  Palpate, auscult, and ballot the rumen to assess consistency.  A gradation in consistency exists from the dorsal to the ventral sac of the rumen.  The dorsal sac of the rumen generally has a gas cap and becomes more doughy in consistency (feed layer) towards the ventral fluid-filled sac of the rumen.  A rumen ping is differentiated from an LDA ping by its location over the left paralumbar fossa.  It is possible to have a rumen ping and an abomasal ping at the same time, but they generally have different tones.  If a ping with the same tone extends over both the rumen and the abomasal area, and rectal examination reveals a very small rumen with a distended gas-filled dorsal sac, the ping is most likely a rumen void ping.

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