Pings on the Left Side

Instructions:  Click on the letter where you hear the ping.
A ping is caused by a gas/fluid interface.  If you want to hear it, click here
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Ping the left side of the cow by simultaneously percussing and ausculting the whole left side of the cow by firmly flicking your finger against the body wall of the cow.  A "ping" represents a fluid-gas interface.  On the left side of the cow, gas may be present in the abomasum (LDA), rumen, or peritoneal cavity.  LDA pings are variable in tone, and often tinkling sounds are heard over the area of the LDA.   Rumen pings are located over the rumen area and tend to be monotone.  LDA and rumen pings often occur together and are usually distinguished by two distinct pings of different tones.  The most confusing ping for us on the left side of the cow, is a monotone ping that extends over the rumen and LDA area.  Often, this ping is accompanied by a small gas-filled rumen on rectal palpation and is referred to as a "rumen-void" ping.  These cows do not have surgical problems.

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