Right-sided Pings

mvc-012scopy.jpg (13643 bytes)Ping the whole right side of the cow carefully.  Pings on the right side are confusing, so care must be taken to delineate the borders of the ping.  On the right side of the cow, gas may be present in the cecum, spiral colon, small intestine, duodenum, uterus (after calving), peritoneum, rectum, and abomasum (RDA, or RTA).   Pings on the right side can be confusing, and location and repeatability of the ping are probably the most useful indicators as to the organ involved.  While most pings on the left side of the cow are LDA, most pings on the right side of the cow are from spiral colon and cecum.  Commonly, cows that are sick, especially with GI disturbances have pings in the right paralumbar fossa.  A distended or displaced cecum will produce a consistent, large ping that is always palpable per rectum.  RDA and RTA (right abomasal torsion) pings are usually cranial to the 8th rib.  The RDA/RTA pings on the right side are more cranial in location compared to the LDA ping on the left side, which can be heard as far caudal as the cranial aspect of the left paralumbar fossa.  Most right-sided abomasal problems have some degree of torsion associated with them, but the overall condition of the cow (heart rate, and degree of dehydration) indicates the severity and degree of torsion of the abomasum.


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