Normal Resting & Dynamic Exercising Exam



Normal URT Exam Videos

High Speed Treadmill Exercise Protocol 

 To familiarize a horse to the high-speed treadmill, horses are first acclimated (schooled) to the high-speed treadmill (HSTM) during a training session.

 Standardbreds are outfitted with the same equipment used during a race.  Thoroughbreds are exercised without tack.

 After schooling, horses are muzzled, placed in a stall and rested 1-2 hours prior to the high-speed examination.


Stress test protocol

Phase I: warm-up; the horse exercises at 7 M/S for 1600 meters.

Phase II: placement of the twitch, fixation of the videoendoscope in correct position, removal of the twitch and gradual increase in speed.

Phase III: increase in speed and/or incline to increase maximum heart rate  to 200 BPM or more for 1600 meters and slow down from exercise.  The horse is removed from the treadmill and immediate post-exercise echocardiography performed.  Each test is individualized to the level of fitness for each horse.

The stress test is slightly different for standardbreds  and thoroughbreds & sport horses.

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